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It all started with a chunky Humpty-Dumpty looking dude called “Waldo” for a company called FireService.

  Then came Waldo’s sidekick, “Puddles” the dog….

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Ahem… This super hero’s been around and proven to help generate new phone calls, web inquiries, and business!

Then, the “Unneeded Super Hero” was born to continuously be disappointed that he’s not really needed because there’s no reason to call a super hero when disaster strikes and YOUR company’s on call and ready to put peoples’ homes back together.

Alas, like the Coyote to the Road Runner or the Maytag Repairman, you get a mascot for TV that you can call your own!

Not many small, local disaster restoration/home recovery companies can say they have their own 3D mascot and television advertising campaigns in HIGH DEFINITION…  Your competitors won’t know what hit them!  In over 18 markets around the United States, these TV commercials have been used for a variety of different companies — from Florida to New Hampshire and all the way to San Francisco!



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