How long does it take after ordering my TV commercials to start airing on television?

It has taken two business days or two months.  Sometimes, if you send us all the information correctly along with your company information, logo, etc, the average turnaround is 5 business days from order, design, proofing, review, final edits, billing, and delivery to TV stations.

Also, it is highly recommended to research and actually book a TV ad schedule so you know what airtime you are going to be able to afford.  Planning a schedule first will help you know how many TV commercials you will be able to run and how each combination of commercials will run together as 15 or 30 seconds, two 15 second bookends, etc.  If you need help negotiating any advertising schedules, we have over 15 years experience and place over $58 million in airtime annually.

We highly recommend running at least four 15-second TV commercials in pairs that air either back-to-back as a 30-second, or what are called bookends. Bookends are usually 15-second commercials that air during a commercial break. One 15-second runs at the start of the break and the other runs at the end, the TV commercials in the middle are the “books”.

What do I need to get my TV commercials on air and online?

A lot of time can be saved if you send us all the information, details and artwork.  From ordering TV commercials to delivery, we have delivered approved TV commercials to local TV stations for our clients within two business days.  It generally takes at least a week to produce, edit, send you proofs, make final changes, and deliver the commercials electronically to the TV stations.

Here is the general list that we need:

  1. Your company name, phone number and website address
  2. Exact pronunciation of your company name
  3. Exact changes you would like made to any scripts to possibly incorporate your slogan
  4. Your logo and any supporting artwork, preferably in vector format or PDF
  5. Other details, for instance, we usually omit the “www” in the display of your website, perhaps you prefer to keep it, if so, we need to know!
  6. If we are not placing your advertising, we need EXACT video specs your TV stations need to ensure your TV commercials air properly
  7. Also, we use our own secure download portal, so if your TV stations require delivery of video files in a different manner, there will be an extra charge for this time
  8. Pricing includes delivery of your TV commercials in either HD or SD format.  If you need the commercials in both formats, there will be an extra charge.  Usually, TV stations can “down convert” HD to SD free of charge — at least they better if they want to keep your business, right?!


What are the licensing restrictions for use of the TV commercials I buy?

We want to work with you and make sure we do as much as we can to help grow your business.  We have placed over a billion dollars in strategic advertising in just over a decade for our clients.  We grant use of any TV commercials you purchase from us for perpetuity provided the following criteria are met:

  1. You do not resell the TV commercials or transfer them to another entity
  2. You do not have the content of the TV commercials altered except to fit different devices and screens (downsampling is permitted)
  3. You continue to stay in business and are actively advertising
  4. You only air the commercials on television in the markets you operate in
  5. You can use the videos on your website, YouTube, other video delivery sites, and other interactive marketing mechanisms provided you attribute “Produced by RestorationAdvertising.com” on screen

Need help getting your videos on your website?  Is your website smartphone friendly so when people looking for a fast clean-up service, they’re already on their phone, on your website, ready to call you?!


How much do the TV commercials cost?

If you just want the TV commercials with basic customization with your company name, phone, website address, and logo and voiced, we can produce the videos with two update proofs and deliver them electronically to any two TV stations of your choice for $750 per TV commercial.  If you buy at least 4 commercials, the cost per TV commercial will be $500 each.

Extra discounts apply if we place your advertising or you hire us as your marketing consultant or advertising agency.  As a matter of fact, depending on your budget and schedule we place, we will be happy to produce these commercials for free for a minimum one-year retainer as your media strategist and buyer!

Depending on your market, you will then need a TV schedule that will reach a targeted audience of local home owners at least 3 times per week.  We recommend at least a 13-week schedule you can sustain.  Keep in mind, the purpose of these commercials is to keep your company TOP OF MIND so you need to break through the noise and clutter of your local advertising AND be memorable.  This is the main formula to get the phone ringing.

What other advertising services are available at Restoration Advertising?

We have over 20 years of advertising experience helping customers grow their businesses throughout the United States.  Television is still the most effective and the fastest way to produce results for many local service companies.  But what about social media and staying relevant through email campaigns?

We offer our experience for a variety of advertising and marketing consulting services so we can make recommendations for you beyond just customizing TV commercials.

Here is a list of our major services:

  1. Customized TV commercials: Everyone would love to have a mascot, it’s a great way to stand out and be memorable.  We have other TV commercials besides the “Super Hero” TV campaigns, but he’s by far the most popular and has proven to be the most effective campaign for local companies
  2. Website design: Is your website smartphone friendly so it will be easy for someone on a phone to call you when disaster befalls them?!
  3. Web marketing: Let us help you set up systems to email and improve your website’s SEO and SEM strategies to build your business
  4. Marketing consulting: We can analyze your market, your goals, and your previous marketing and advertising and make recommendations for improvement
  5. Marketing plans: Let us review your company goals and current strategies and formulate a new marketing strategic plan — or review your existing one


How Fast Can I Get a Mobile-Friendly Website and How Much Does It Cost?

From 3 business days to 3 weeks, depending on how many pages your website has, the break down of categories and type of content.  You can at least double your referrals from your website by making sure people on smart phones can contact you quickly.  A clean website that displays your name and phone number is critical for the ever-expanding population of smart phone users.  Don’t be at a competitive disadvantage — get a mobile site quickly and affordably.

With prices as low as $750, we can convert your old website into a new layout, with an additional option of adopting a CMS of your choice of WordPress, Joomla or Drupal, you will have more flexibility to update content on your own website without having to pay a web developer.  Updating your website and adding a new page is as easy as sending an email!

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