Don't Gamble Restoration Advertising TV Spot

Restoration advertising is about standing out and being remembered.  That’s why restoration TV ads are so effective, especially in your local market!  In order to stay top of mind in your local market, you need a long term strategy of repeatedly reminding local people when disaster strikes to think of your company name.  It’s also critical to have a mobile-friendly website that can collect quote requests as easily as possible.

Put our experience to work for you

We have produced countless TV commercials for different kinds of companies, but restoration companies face an uphill battle:  Intense local competition and those privileged companies that bought into large national franchises, like ServPro where they can leverage some very nice advertising campaigns, admittedly, but at quite a price.

We at Restoration Advertising provide unique alternatives to having to buy into these expensive national franchises and have proven that with the right strategy in YOUR local market, not only can you compete, you can dominate!

Two new restoration TV ads:  Ready-to-go advertising campaigns available now

In each local market, it’s first come, first serve.  That means if you are the first to buy these commercials in your market area, until you stop airing those commercials, we will not sell any of them to your competitors.  It’s a simple rule to make sure these commercials aren’t over saturating while giving you the impact you need because the TV commercials you air from us are unique.

Below are two new advertising campaigns available for YOUR disaster clean up company at a discounted price!  Please contact us for a free quote by filling out the form below!

View our new TV commercial “Restoration Services”!
Now available in ALL markets!

Restoration Advertising New Restoration Services TV Spot For Sale 300x143 Restoration Advertising releases two new TV ad campaigns for disaster restoration companies at new lower prices

You need to stand out and be remembered.  Isn’t that what advertising is all about?

Please provide us at least your name and email or call/text us at (904) 294-0803!



Here are two new 30 second disaster restoration TV commercials that are ready-to-go for disaster restoration, water damage repair, and mold remediation companies! We can customize these TV commercial exclusively for your company in your market with your own company name, logo, website address, and phone number. Other customization is available upon request.

New “Service” Disaster Restoration TV Commercials: Fast Marketing Campaigns for Your Business

Take a look an imagine these disaster TV ads running in your local market on the Weather Channel, before your local news broadcasts and other favorite local programs to reinforce your market presence!

“Don’t Gamble on Restoration”
:30 second TV spot

This is the first release in the new disaster restoration TV commercials series featuring your company’s brand, identity, logo, phone number and web address.  Imagine reaching your local market repeatedly during weather breaks, on your local market’s weather channel or sports updates.

“Restoration Service”
:30 second TV spot

Send us your company logo and other information and we will put together a rough draft sample of the TV commercial for your business and send you a cost estimate.  Then, once you approve it, we send the TV commercials to you and your TV station representatives at no additional cost.

We can also produce other TV commercials and arrange and schedule the airtime with the cable companies and TV stations. We can also devise a marketing plan for you, and create a new mobile-friendly website that can accept quote requests over smart phone quickly and affordably.

Ready to buy these disaster restoration TV commercials for your business?

Please provide us at least your name and email or call/text us at (904) 294-0803!




Here are some examples how we help companies like yours:

The first thing, looking at your site I noticed it’s not mobile-friendly.  I would recommend moving it to WordPress and use an adaptive theme so it’s easy for you to update without needing a web developer and it’s readable on mobile devices – smart phones, tablets, etc.  Over 40% of all web visitors are probably on a mobile device, without adaptive, they won’t stay on your site long and that will cost you sales.

Also, you want to make it as easy as possible for them to contact you immediately.  None of your phone numbers are linked to dial:

<a href="tel:16058585145">1-(904) 294-0803</a>

A website with a quote estimate is the next best thing, but it needs to be easy for people who need to find you, chances are if their home is flooded they’re not going to go to their desktop computer and turn it on and search the web, they’re going to try to find you on their phone.  If you don’t show up conveniently, they’re going to call the first ones who do.

So the next question is how is your web presence, especially regarding SEO?  Are you optimized?  Are you top on Google and Bing if someone typed in “home flood cleanup”, etc?

Then there’s SEM where you sponsor the top search terms people would type to find your company.  There’s also mobile advertising where your banners show up on smart phone apps.  Making the most of the web and mobile would be the first things I would recommend getting in order before venturing into any bigger advertising.

Along with your trucks as mobile billboards, to be top-of-mind in your market takes television and perhaps some roadside billboards and you need to have an advertising budget that will allow you to sustain and reinforce your presence.  Most markets you can buy zones on cable and get frequency and reach the most possible in your geographical area but the cost may be prohibitive at first.  Advertising takes time to build and accumulate recall but will net you more calls.

Every market is different.

I’ve suggested to other companies to go and replace the batteries of fire detectors for the elderly and retirement homes – this gets them news, the best type of advertising and it’s free.

Our super hero TV spots are memorable and run in high-def.  The reason they work is that it’s a memorable campaign and you stand out – two big differences between you and the competitors with their spot showing their company truck pulling into the driveway with a service person holding a clipboard talking to a homeowner…. snore.

Anyway, these are some examples how we’ve helped disaster restoration and all sorts of other companies build their businesses.

We always start with these 3:

  1. You have to be web savvy
  2. You have to have a strong presence in the community
  3. You have to protect your reputation in the community and online


Please let me know what your company is in need of and I’ll gladly send you an estimate!

Aaron Belchamber

3D Animator / Marketing Consultant

(904) 294-0803


If you have higher aspirations to grow your company, you may be inclined to go online or observe what your competitors and notice that they seem to spend a significant amount of money on advertising. After all, as a home disaster restoration company, no one usually plans on calling you, as a matter of fact, your company is up there with getting a tooth pulled and other “pleasantries” of daily life that may at anytime sucker punch someone in the face.

Top of mind is key, your top priority

So, you know you need to be TOP OF MIND so when people come home from a week long trip to find water dripping from the upstairs bathroom, they’re going to have to call somebody — and fast!  Well, if you haven’t been pounding the airwaves and building in a repetitive message to remind people to associate a home disaster with your company, they will probably turn to the internet.  This means they will be using their smart phone to find a home restoration company.  They may be ready to get a few quotes or they may be feeling their situation is so hopeless the first human that answers the phone will get the job.  The hell with insurance, they don’t want mold damage from a flood!

Are you spending at least 5% of your sales on advertising?

I’m aggressive when it comes to the fact “success begets success” that means people don’t want to do business with losers or someone they’ll second-guess.  You have no choice when you enter the advertising arena to go for the gold and expect nothing less!  This means at a minimum you need to spend at least 5% of your sales rolling into new efforts to get more business through advertising.  If you’re new, that could be as high as 20%, sometimes even higher!  Being aggressive earlier should pay you more dividends than spreading it out and thinking like the tortoise.  Let’s be a tortoise with rocket pack, okay?!

Without a serious advertising budget, don’t advertise — seriously

So, if you can’t sustain a marketing campaign for at least a year because you don’t have the budget, do not invest in advertising for just two months.  There is a simple formula I would recommend using to figure if you are at least meeting the minimum standards of advertising performance in your market to continue spending money on airtime and other advertising.

At a minimum, ask yourself if you can advertise 12 months consecutively and reach everyone in your market at least once

That formula is very simple, some may argue it’s oversimplified, but to me, I think it helps guide many as a minimum to stay top of mind in your market as the company people call if disaster strikes.  It’s GRP — “Gross Ratings Points”, and if you can hit at least 100 each month all year long, I think your advertising will gain traction.  This means you will, at least mathematically, reach every individual in your market at least one time throughout the month.  This is not an ideal way to measure, but it puts things in perspective, at least you know how much your minimum will cost you so you can see if you can at least do the minimum to ensure a high likelihood of getting a positive ROI on your advertising investment.

Advertising is always an investment, not an expense

If you are unsure, do some research, save your money and get the other parts of your business in order that is within your budget reach first.  The increase in sales and referrals from this approach will hopefully give you more capital and momentum to invest in real advertising later.  It may be much later, it depends on your market circumstances — your competitors, how long you’ve been established, how well you’re networked in the community with the “socially influential” AND how well you’ve penetrated the long term memories of the people in your market with you advertising device(s).

Get these 5 things in order before you even think of advertising

Before you go out and spend at least 5% of your sales, get the other things in order.  Do you have the personnel and infrastructure like a call center to handle any new expected in flow of calls?  You better be prepared.  Here are 5 things you need to have before you even consider advertising:

1.  Do you have a fully smart-phone friendly website

Guess what, the internet is huge.  That’s why this is first, it’s going to be even more important for your business in the future.  People will come home to a disaster, do you think they’re going to go inside and log onto the internet with their home computer and look you up?  Are they going to search for the yellow pages?  No, they’re going to jump onto their smart phone and type in “home restoration service” and hit “Call” to the first company they either recognize or comes up with at least 3 stars off Yelp.

2.  Can you receive calls 24/7?

If you can’t answer each and every phone call that comes in with a live person who has excellent phone skills and a great bedside manner who can make people feel they are your company’s top priority, then fix this problem next!

3.  Are you networked with the local fire stations and insurance adjusters?

If you don’t have people in your company who have built a close rapport with local people in the insurance industry and fire safety, if you don’t donate at least 50 fire extinguishers to the local fire department each year, if you don’t have contacts with local homebuilders, you should consider spending your time and resources expanding these grassroots initiatives in your community.  Here’s a test for your company, if I walk into a fire station and ask them who they would recommend for a clean-up job after a fire, and no one mentions your name, then I ask them if they’ve ever heard of your company and no one has, you need to rethink your marketing approach.  You need to strengthen your inner circles within your community first.  You need to set goals and budgets that will achieve these things before you spend a cent on television, radio, or newspaper ads.

4.  Are your sales already sustaining your goals?

You may already be happy where you are.  Referrals come in steadily, new business comes in ebbs band flows, but thinking about your future and saving money for a rainy day is a luxury few have.  If you’re in this situation, save the money for a rainy day or when you are in a position to be able to anticipate slower times might be coming.  This could mean you might need to expand your service offerings so you can be diversified to weather a storm.  You might be better off diverting money you wanted to spend on advertising towards these efforts to diversify your company.  Perhaps expand into mold detection or explore certain home contracting and remodeling on top of your restoration business.

5.  Are you ready to invest the money and stay the course?

You’re already being proactive when it comes to advertising, you’re doing your homework.  It’s important to make sure that your sales goals are realistic and that you give your advertising at least 6 months to make a difference.  After two weeks, you can’t be reactive and throw in the towel and make imaginary assumptions like  “Since I’ve been advertising, phone calls dropped 20%,” as if that’s not part of your usual fluctuations and business cycle in your market.  No, if you are giving credit to the fact that only after two weeks advertising affected your sales that much, aren’t you making the argument that advertising is powerful and really does make a difference?  I would find it hard to believe that if you did start advertising that it would affect anything in two weeks going in.  Remember, the type of advertising you need is TOP OF MIND.  Sustained, repetitive, so people can recall your company and what you do.  This takes patience.

Sure, there are ways to sustain market presence and increase top of mind awareness, perhaps you should consider going full bore the first 3 weeks, then go every other week.  Can you sustain being on two major networks and at least 4 major cable networks on this schedule?  Can you score the paltry minimum of 100 GRPs each month for an entire year?  You might want to give yourself some latitude, since some markets are really big, consider using the GRP in a single zone or perhaps two in your immediate service area first?  There’s plenty of options and flexibility.  I know of more than one company that spent $2,200 per month and achieved the phone calls and sales goals they were looking for!