Top 3 Reasons to Get a Mobile-Friendly Website

Reason #1 to get a mobile website:  Increase sales.

man on cell water leaking from ceiling 150x150 Top 3 Reasons to Get a Mobile Friendly WebsitePeople who walk into a disaster will reach for their cell phone first.

No one plans on having to call you to clean up after a disaster!  So let’s quickly go through what happens before a customer calls you:

  1. Customer comes home to water gushing out the front door, water dripping from the second floor, or smoke billowing out the windows.
  2. Customer probably will investigate then get on their smart phone.  After all, they may not even be able to enter their home to use a landline!
  3. Chances are they won’t use their home internet connection and they probably don’t know where the telephone book is so they turn to their smart phone to find a company who can clean the mess up.
  4. They go on their phone to Google or Bing to search for help or they will go onto a local phone directory like or for “flood clean up” or “water damage”Does your company come up first?  Are you even on the first page?!
  5. They click the listing, perhaps the phone number is on the ad.  If your ad is clickable as a phone number, your phone will ring.  Lucky you, you get to deal with an irate customer.  Lucky you, your web presence did the job of putting your company’s phone number on that customer’s smart phone!
  6. If your ad isn’t clickable, or worse, your company doesn’t show up, guess what — your competitor who is just got the call.  Not so lucky you.

Increase sales, get your new mobile-friendly website »

Reason #2 to get a mobile website: Save time and money collecting quote requests

Let your website help you collect quote requests without tying up your phone lines.

So, you already have an uphill battle competing with other local companies, not to mention most of these calls are from people who are already irate!  Lucky is the one who has to field those calls!

Wouldn’t it be easier if you could get quote requests electronically?  Would it speed things up?

  1. By putting a quick response quote request form on your mobile-friendly website, your website can increase sales because many people who use cell phones prefer this method of getting as many quotes as possible as quickly as possible — without having to deal with someone on the phone or leaving a message and waiting for someone to call them back!

Increase sales, get your new mobile-friendly website »

Reason #3 to get a mobile website: Get more FREE REFERRALS from the web later

SEO and SEM, the art of being online and being FOUND online, works better for more established websites.

The longer your website is online and available as a smart-phone version, the higher up in rankings you will be later.  This takes times, but more free clicks from people coming from search engines from your site could become over 50% of your business in the future.

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