Why TV Advertising?

You can own the airwaves in your market, but you have to start somewhere.

These ready-to-go TV ad campaigns can be fully customized with your company name, phone number, logo, website address, and even a slogan. Do you need help getting on the air? We have over 20 years experience researching, negotiating, and placing airtime schedules.

Maybe it’s time for a new perspective.  Time to try something bold, proven and tested but NEW in your market.

Here are some reasons to use Restoration Advertising instead of doing it all yourself or doing it the way you always did it:

  1. Our rates are the best in the industry and we offer discounts on production if we provide you other services.
  2. We aren’t just any advertising agency, we’re an ad agency that specializes in growing disaster restoration companies.
  3. We work exclusively in one market per company, so there’s never a conflict of interest, unlike other agencies you might use.
  4. Since we’re also “Business Growth Consultants,” we have a lot of experience squeezing the most out of advertising dollars and can introduce you to other creative ideas you may not have thought of.
  5. We can customize plans based on realistic expectations, help you set goals and set up systems that will help keep the referrals coming in.

We can produce customized commercials, even ones you don’t see here.

Click here to view all the Super Hero TV Spots

To view more videos we have produced for other companies as well, please visit our video producer and 3D animator’s online portfolio.  They have over two decades of video production experience and are one of the top versatile video production companies in Northeast Florida.  Providing video production, videography, video editing and 3D animation services for Jacksonville, Florida, St. Augustine, Florida, Punta Vedra Beach, Florida, Fernandina Beach, Florida and Southern Georgia.


An initial one hour free consultation is always included.

The next step is to contact us and provide your basic information so we can take the next step to see if we’re a good fit to help your company grow in your market.

Please provide us at least your name and email or call/text us at (904) 294-0803!



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