How much do the TV commercials cost?

If you just want the TV commercials with basic customization with your company name, phone, website address, and logo and voiced, we can produce the videos with two update proofs and deliver them electronically to any two TV stations of your choice for $750 per TV commercial.  If you buy at least 4 commercials, the cost per TV commercial will be $500 each.

Extra discounts apply if we place your advertising or you hire us as your marketing consultant or advertising agency.  As a matter of fact, depending on your budget and schedule we place, we will be happy to produce these commercials for free for a minimum one-year retainer as your media strategist and buyer!

Depending on your market, you will then need a TV schedule that will reach a targeted audience of local home owners at least 3 times per week.  We recommend at least a 13-week schedule you can sustain.  Keep in mind, the purpose of these commercials is to keep your company TOP OF MIND so you need to break through the noise and clutter of your local advertising AND be memorable.  This is the main formula to get the phone ringing.

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