What other advertising services are available at Restoration Advertising?

We have over 20 years of advertising experience helping customers grow their businesses throughout the United States.  Television is still the most effective and the fastest way to produce results for many local service companies.  But what about social media and staying relevant through email campaigns?

We offer our experience for a variety of advertising and marketing consulting services so we can make recommendations for you beyond just customizing TV commercials.

Here is a list of our major services:

  1. Customized TV commercials: Everyone would love to have a mascot, it’s a great way to stand out and be memorable.  We have other TV commercials besides the “Super Hero” TV campaigns, but he’s by far the most popular and has proven to be the most effective campaign for local companies
  2. Website design: Is your website smartphone friendly so it will be easy for someone on a phone to call you when disaster befalls them?!
  3. Web marketing: Let us help you set up systems to email and improve your website’s SEO and SEM strategies to build your business
  4. Marketing consulting: We can analyze your market, your goals, and your previous marketing and advertising and make recommendations for improvement
  5. Marketing plans: Let us review your company goals and current strategies and formulate a new marketing strategic plan — or review your existing one


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