What do I need to get my TV commercials on air and online?

A lot of time can be saved if you send us all the information, details and artwork.  From ordering TV commercials to delivery, we have delivered approved TV commercials to local TV stations for our clients within two business days.  It generally takes at least a week to produce, edit, send you proofs, make final changes, and deliver the commercials electronically to the TV stations.

Here is the general list that we need:

  1. Your company name, phone number and website address
  2. Exact pronunciation of your company name
  3. Exact changes you would like made to any scripts to possibly incorporate your slogan
  4. Your logo and any supporting artwork, preferably in vector format or PDF
  5. Other details, for instance, we usually omit the “www” in the display of your website, perhaps you prefer to keep it, if so, we need to know!
  6. If we are not placing your advertising, we need EXACT video specs your TV stations need to ensure your TV commercials air properly
  7. Also, we use our own secure download portal, so if your TV stations require delivery of video files in a different manner, there will be an extra charge for this time
  8. Pricing includes delivery of your TV commercials in either HD or SD format.  If you need the commercials in both formats, there will be an extra charge.  Usually, TV stations can “down convert” HD to SD free of charge — at least they better if they want to keep your business, right?!


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