How long does it take after ordering my TV commercials to start airing on television?

It has taken two business days or two months.  Sometimes, if you send us all the information correctly along with your company information, logo, etc, the average turnaround is 5 business days from order, design, proofing, review, final edits, billing, and delivery to TV stations.

Also, it is highly recommended to research and actually book a TV ad schedule so you know what airtime you are going to be able to afford.  Planning a schedule first will help you know how many TV commercials you will be able to run and how each combination of commercials will run together as 15 or 30 seconds, two 15 second bookends, etc.  If you need help negotiating any advertising schedules, we have over 15 years experience and place over $58 million in airtime annually.

We highly recommend running at least four 15-second TV commercials in pairs that air either back-to-back as a 30-second, or what are called bookends. Bookends are usually 15-second commercials that air during a commercial break. One 15-second runs at the start of the break and the other runs at the end, the TV commercials in the middle are the “books”.

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