is rolling out a new series called “Firemen for Lunch” based on some eye-catching retro film footage from the 1930’s and 1940’s.  These two restoration TV ads are available, customized with your restoration company’s logo, slogan, website, phone number, and more!  Please ask about buying both TV spots at a discount!

Both restoration TV ads are voiced with a ’40’s style announcer, an obvious tribute to this long passed era, similar to the movie theater announcers from World War II.

Remember, when you are looking to stretch your airtime dollars, it’s always best to purchase in 30 second blocks, even if you run two 15 second commercials back-to-back as one 30 or as “book ends” where the commercial break starts with one 15 second ad and ends with your other 15 second ad.

“Firemen for lunch” Cartoon Version

This TV ad is 15 seconds long and available in HD for broadcast, web videos, or other presentations!  As you can see, the classic-era cartoon is eye-catching and will help your company stand out in your local market!

“Firemen for Lunch” Real Retro Firemen

In this other version, real firemen respond to a house fire.

Expand your brand.  Get noticed with restoration TV ads!

Order these pair of restoration TV ads.  We recommend diversifying your advertising portfolio, by continuously trying to stand out in your local market, you will separate your company’s brand from your local competition and reinforce your brand through repetition.  These restoration TV commercials have been proven to help grow restoration companies.

Get On Air Fast!

Looking for other advertising ideas for your disaster cleanup business?  Please view the other restoration TV spots we have available by clicking the links below:

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Looking for a responsive, mobile-friendly website with a quick quote request form people can fill out and get hold of you fast?!

Click here to learn more about our web design services!

Here are two new 30 second disaster restoration TV commercials that are ready-to-go for disaster restoration, water damage repair, and mold remediation companies! We can customize these TV commercial exclusively for your company in your market with your own company name, logo, website address, and phone number. Other customization is available upon request.

New “Service” Disaster Restoration TV Commercials: Fast Marketing Campaigns for Your Business

Take a look an imagine these disaster TV ads running in your local market on the Weather Channel, before your local news broadcasts and other favorite local programs to reinforce your market presence!

“Don’t Gamble on Restoration”
:30 second TV spot

This is the first release in the new disaster restoration TV commercials series featuring your company’s brand, identity, logo, phone number and web address.  Imagine reaching your local market repeatedly during weather breaks, on your local market’s weather channel or sports updates.

“Restoration Service”
:30 second TV spot

Send us your company logo and other information and we will put together a rough draft sample of the TV commercial for your business and send you a cost estimate.  Then, once you approve it, we send the TV commercials to you and your TV station representatives at no additional cost.

We can also produce other TV commercials and arrange and schedule the airtime with the cable companies and TV stations. We can also devise a marketing plan for you, and create a new mobile-friendly website that can accept quote requests over smart phone quickly and affordably.

Ready to buy these disaster restoration TV commercials for your business?

Please provide us at least your name and email or call/text us at (904) 294-0803!



Don't Gamble Restoration Advertising TV Spot

This is the second non-super hero restoration TV commercial Restoration Advertising has rolled out and more commercials are slated in May, 2016 to help smaller disaster restoration companies.  These new “service” restoration TV commercials are each 30 seconds in duration and they can be YOURS and YOURS alone for your market!

Expand your brand and stand out in your local market with customized restoration TV commercials

You will fully own these restoration TV ads and web videos outright branded and with a customized voice-over, logo, website, phone number, and even your slogan for your disaster cleanup company.  They’re fast and effective videos that you can use not only on television, but on your website and lobby videos as well!

You own any of the videos or restoration TV commercials we produce for your disaster restoration company fully outright, no strings attached!

Imagine your company’s brand and identity filling the airwaves repeatedly in your market on a sustainable advertising airtime schedule.

We can also help you place and negotiate the best rates with your restoration TV commercials on local cable and television stations with an affordable strategy that will be sustainable long term.

It’s about repetition and reinforcing your brand and message.  We can also produce custom spots for radio as well!

We’re the wind for your sales!

It’s all about staying top of mind, right?  Well, call us to find out how we can help your company compete with those bigger franchise companies!  We have been  helping to promote home disaster kleenup companies like yours with the best restoration TV commercials and other marketing solutions for over 12 years!  Also, if you DO NOT have a mobile-friendly website that can easily accept quote requests from someone’s smart phone, you are losing A LOT OF POTENTIAL REFERRALS to your competitors!

Let’s get your ship sales completely up and running with new, eye-catching restoration TV commercials that will help your company stand-out from your competitors!