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Restoration advertising is about standing out and being remembered.  That’s why restoration TV ads are so effective, especially in your local market!  In order to stay top of mind in your local market, you need a long term strategy of repeatedly reminding local people when disaster strikes to think of your company name.  It’s also critical to have a mobile-friendly website that can collect quote requests as easily as possible.

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We have produced countless TV commercials for different kinds of companies, but restoration companies face an uphill battle:  Intense local competition and those privileged companies that bought into large national franchises, like ServPro where they can leverage some very nice advertising campaigns, admittedly, but at quite a price.

We at Restoration Advertising provide unique alternatives to having to buy into these expensive national franchises and have proven that with the right strategy in YOUR local market, not only can you compete, you can dominate!

Two new restoration TV ads:  Ready-to-go advertising campaigns available now

In each local market, it’s first come, first serve.  That means if you are the first to buy these commercials in your market area, until you stop airing those commercials, we will not sell any of them to your competitors.  It’s a simple rule to make sure these commercials aren’t over saturating while giving you the impact you need because the TV commercials you air from us are unique.

Below are two new advertising campaigns available for YOUR disaster clean up company at a discounted price!  Please contact us for a free quote by filling out the form below!

View our new TV commercial “Restoration Services”!
Now available in ALL markets!

Restoration Advertising New Restoration Services TV Spot For Sale 300x143 Restoration Advertising releases two new TV ad campaigns for disaster restoration companies at new lower prices

You need to stand out and be remembered.  Isn’t that what advertising is all about?

Please provide us at least your name and email or call/text us at (904) 294-0803!
 is rolling out a new series called “Firemen for Lunch” based on some eye-catching retro film footage from the 1930’s and 1940’s.  These two restoration TV ads are available, customized with your restoration company’s logo, slogan, website, phone number, and more!  Please ask about buying both TV spots at a discount!

Both restoration TV ads are voiced with a ’40’s style announcer, an obvious tribute to this long passed era, similar to the movie theater announcers from World War II.

Remember, when you are looking to stretch your airtime dollars, it’s always best to purchase in 30 second blocks, even if you run two 15 second commercials back-to-back as one 30 or as “book ends” where the commercial break starts with one 15 second ad and ends with your other 15 second ad.

“Firemen for lunch” Cartoon Version

This TV ad is 15 seconds long and available in HD for broadcast, web videos, or other presentations!  As you can see, the classic-era cartoon is eye-catching and will help your company stand out in your local market!

“Firemen for Lunch” Real Retro Firemen

In this other version, real firemen respond to a house fire.

Expand your brand.  Get noticed with restoration TV ads!

Order these pair of restoration TV ads.  We recommend diversifying your advertising portfolio, by continuously trying to stand out in your local market, you will separate your company’s brand from your local competition and reinforce your brand through repetition.  These restoration TV commercials have been proven to help grow restoration companies.

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