How we help disaster restoration companies grow

Here are some examples how we help companies like yours:

The first thing, looking at your site I noticed it’s not mobile-friendly.  I would recommend moving it to WordPress and use an adaptive theme so it’s easy for you to update without needing a web developer and it’s readable on mobile devices – smart phones, tablets, etc.  Over 40% of all web visitors are probably on a mobile device, without adaptive, they won’t stay on your site long and that will cost you sales.

Also, you want to make it as easy as possible for them to contact you immediately.  None of your phone numbers are linked to dial:

<a href="tel:16058585145">1-(904) 294-0803</a>

A website with a quote estimate is the next best thing, but it needs to be easy for people who need to find you, chances are if their home is flooded they’re not going to go to their desktop computer and turn it on and search the web, they’re going to try to find you on their phone.  If you don’t show up conveniently, they’re going to call the first ones who do.

So the next question is how is your web presence, especially regarding SEO?  Are you optimized?  Are you top on Google and Bing if someone typed in “home flood cleanup”, etc?

Then there’s SEM where you sponsor the top search terms people would type to find your company.  There’s also mobile advertising where your banners show up on smart phone apps.  Making the most of the web and mobile would be the first things I would recommend getting in order before venturing into any bigger advertising.

Along with your trucks as mobile billboards, to be top-of-mind in your market takes television and perhaps some roadside billboards and you need to have an advertising budget that will allow you to sustain and reinforce your presence.  Most markets you can buy zones on cable and get frequency and reach the most possible in your geographical area but the cost may be prohibitive at first.  Advertising takes time to build and accumulate recall but will net you more calls.

Every market is different.

I’ve suggested to other companies to go and replace the batteries of fire detectors for the elderly and retirement homes – this gets them news, the best type of advertising and it’s free.

Our super hero TV spots are memorable and run in high-def.  The reason they work is that it’s a memorable campaign and you stand out – two big differences between you and the competitors with their spot showing their company truck pulling into the driveway with a service person holding a clipboard talking to a homeowner…. snore.

Anyway, these are some examples how we’ve helped disaster restoration and all sorts of other companies build their businesses.

We always start with these 3:

  1. You have to be web savvy
  2. You have to have a strong presence in the community
  3. You have to protect your reputation in the community and online


Please let me know what your company is in need of and I’ll gladly send you an estimate!

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