Restoration 1: Video Samples

Thank you for your interest in our broadcast TV spots!  Here is a HD broadcast-ready logo animation that is available for $89.  Use this in your own videos, events, lobby loops and web videos!

Ready-To-Go TV Spots

Here is a link to our playlist for any TV commercials we can customize for you at the cost we quoted in the email. Quotes are good for 60 days so take your time.

View the ready-to-go TV commercials here!

A reminder: If you don’t see anything you like, we offer complete full-service video production as well, including event loops at affordable prices. We’re great at squeezing the most out of footage you may already have. Perhaps you have some great video footage you’d like to incorporate, we’re flexible!

We believe in testimonials and live people like your staff speaking truthfully on camera, they really are the most convincing. See what we’ve done for other companies by visiting!

If you see something you’d like and would like to see a sample, it’s $149 to put together your choice of videos with rough cuts to give you an idea what the final broadcast version will look like before they get polished. If you decide to buy, this fee gets credited towards the cost you were quoted.

Why are most of our TV spots 15 seconds?  FREQUENCY for TOP OF MIND!

For restoration companies, your goal is to stay top of mind in the local community and you achieve this through repetition so we recommend more frequency and for limited budgets we highly recommend placing these 15 second spots as book ends so they show at the beginning and the end of normal commercial breaks.

Restoration Advertising

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